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Middle-earth lives!


Gather all yee here, to the Lord of the Rings Conspiracy home page, to help fight the evil that is destroying Middle-earth. Earths government, headed by the evil Peter Jackson, seen here, has already spent years capturing the innocent inhabitants of our beloved homeland. He has brainwashed them, disguised them as distinguished actors, and kidnapped the real actors, in order to sell his Middle-earth documentaries in the guise of three fictional films. The helpless captives have been sent out into everyday society to promote Jacksons 'films'. We, the site webmaster & mistress, managed to escape from our home, Middle-earth (a.k.a New Zealand), and the clutches of Peter Jackson. we have created this site to expose him for the fraud he is, in the hope of recovering our long lost friends and returning their memories to them. But to do this we need your help................



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